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O-Square’s vision is to be an integral part of our client’s business. We believe this is an effective model to deliver differentiated service excellence. We aim to provide quality multi-channel support services to grow our client’s brand, deliver exceptional customer satisfaction and enhance your bottom line. We do this with our plethora of call center and marketing services.

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It is a small world after all. Globalization is that great process that started perhaps with Mr. Marco Polo, but has since regained its prestige after a short stint of protectionism following the great.

– Anuj Agarwal

Who Can We Help?

Start ups and Entrepreneurs
Start up with our Virtual Receptionist service and never miss a sales call! Entrepreneurs can get their own website built with the latest tools and technologies and avail our marketing services to take your business to the next level.

Small & Medium Business
We offer end-to-end customer support for your operations and help you allocate your budgets to the right marketing tools. We can also conduct workshops and training sessions for your sales and marketing teams.
Business Setup Companies
We offer a virtual receptionist service as a value addition for start-ups and new businesses. Our digital team can help your client’s setup their own digital marketing presence with optimum support.
We offer patient hotline, phone answering and live chat support for healthcare centers. We can also assist you in upgrading your digital media presence and help more patients reach you from across the globe.
Our call center solutions bring you a cost-effective receptionist phone answering service, call transfer service to enable smoother admissions. We can also uplift your digital persona and create a brand for your school, college or institute with our sales and marketing services.
Avail our customer care operations for your online retail stores or get a complete e-commerce website designed and developed in Shopify and grow your sales rapidly. We help you promote your e-commerce business across all channels.
Financial Institutions
Benefit from our reliable, secure & tangible call center services and experience the difference in your business with our sales and marketing consultations, designed exclusively for the financial sector..

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