Excelling in Customer Service Management Across the UAE

O Square Communications Hub offers inbound and outbound call centers along with 24×7 live chat support, helping small and medium businesses to manage their customer relationships. Ever since our inception in 2017, we have been exceeding expectations with their key expertise and experience in the field, knowledgeable call center agents and managers, enterprise-level software and business architecture.

We’ve built our credibility in UAE with our ability to go above and beyond with a team that truly believes in delivering value in every call. We’re not offering a commodity to our customers, but a service that’s designed to support your team towards better sales, support and success.

Our inbound services include a virtual receptionist who can manage calls and record them on your behalf, a customer service management team who runs the calls and a chat service that eases the process of bookings and appointments through a non-voice process.

Our outbound solutions offer lead qualifications and sales calling (making calls on behalf of your company), survey calls for new products, Omnichannel chat services and B2B mystery calling or shopping for existing call center companies. We can also integrate our chat services with your social media platforms and help customers reach us faster and easier.

At O Square, we work with leading clients in hospitality, IT, e-commerce, healthcare, finance, education, real estate and manufacturing and support their marketing and sales goals through our service offerings.

People, Passion & Performance

Celebrating talent and dedication in a conducive work environment for mutual growth.

The Founder

Fahad Nauman has over a decade of experience in the call center industry and aspires to transform the business of contact solutions for startups and established businesses in the UAE. During his work experience, he witnessed a massive gap in the virtual receptionist segment and realized companies were investing thousands of AED to setup their office and hire assistance to manage calls and relevant support. With O Square Communications Hub, he offered a P.O. Box No., a virtual address and a virtual receptionist to companies at just AED 500 per month.

The Founder
The Team

The Team

With a collective experience of over 50 years, the team of 15+ professionals at O Square believes that our customers are the heart of everything. Our team members include Call Center Managers, Quality Assurance Managers, Assistance Managers, Subject Matter Experts, Call Center Agents and more. We go the extra mile to help customers over call and our proactive and enthusiastic team has a proven track record of supporting customers, even during the pandemic.

The Culture

We offer a healthy and vibrant work and team culture to inspire our team members to give their best every day. Annual days, birthday celebrations, events and festivals like Eid and Christmas are celebrated with a lot of energy and zest – making it fun-filled and memorable for every team member!

The Culture

Our Vision

  • To become a leading Dubai-based contact center offering world-class solutions at affordable prices, locally in the UAE, eliminating the need for outsourcing or offshoring.

Our Mission

  • To delight our clients with services that deliver as per the expected outcomes
  • To scale to growth of 50+ professionals who grow with us and experience success and productivity every day
  • To transform the pre-sales, sales and post-sales experiences in the digital world
  • To build the futures of all people associated with us and help them get to the aspired life

Our USPs

  • Our highly motivated and dedicated team
  • A smart and live reporting system with a dashboard summary
  • Live CRM tracker
  • WhatsApp access to all agents involved in the project for real-time responses
  • Fast response time on every ticket with agents who understand, empathize and close the ticket efficiently

The Future is Here

We’re working towards a future that’s highly digital, smart, intuitive and responsive. Our team is also focused on an app development project that will connect to data centers and call using UAE numbers. This demand-based service will be a turning point for contact centers and businesses, too.

Get in touch with us for end-to-end marketing or communication solutions and witness your business scale to new heights of success.

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