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Stay Connected to your Customers

Avail our exclusive services and experience the difference in your business operations and customer support and engagements. O Square is a Call Center company in the UAE, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. We treat every client as a partner and abide by the highest standards of work environments, innovations and technological advancements to deliver the best-in-class call center solutions. Led by a highly motivated and professional team, we offer inbound and outbound call center services with technical support and customer support.

Call Center – A Big Support for Small Business

We handle every contact with the dignity of service, courteousness of experts, and the touch of utmost professionalism which adds to great customer experience and improved customer loyalty for your small business.

Virtual Receptionist – Ideal for many Business Situations

A virtual receptionist is a real person, professionally trained in phone etiquette and customer service skills, who answers your phone for you. They answer calls in your company’s name, give out information, transfer callers, assess emergencies in accordance with your protocols, and take messages per your instructions. They function as a real, living telephone receptionist.

Custom Solutions for E-Commerce Business

Accelerate the growth of your e-Commerce business with a scalable & low-cost solution to manage your growing customer base. We run effective call center services for e-commerce companies with all the necessary tools and state-of-the-art infrastructure that makes our services readily available anywhere, anytime.

Reliable Customer Support Service for Financial institutions

We provide our Banking, Finance & Insurance clients with several contact options to choose from. These include Telephone, Live Chat, Email, and Social Media. Our response time is stunningly fast, irrespective of your chosen medium.

Sales Driven Services For your Retail Business

We have built a high reputation in the areas of reliable call center services to the retail industry of all kinds, online or offline, B2B, B2C, C2C, or any other type of retail operation. At O Square, we have the expertise to provide a performance-oriented solution to everyone.

Fast Response Time for Healthcare

We offer a patient hotline, phone answering and live chat support for healthcare centers. We take appointments, send reminders, follow-up and make it easier for healthcare companies to handle all their patients.

Benefits of Choosing our Call Centre Services

Whether you’re an MNC, SMB or a start-up, you can leave customer satisfaction up to us! O-Square’s vision is to be an integral part of our client’s business. We believe this is an effective model to deliver differentiated service excellence. We aim to provide quality multi-channel support services to grow our client’s brand, deliver exceptional customer satisfaction and enhance your bottom line. We do this with our plethora of call center services that are fast, efficient and proactive.

With our solutions, you will witness a noticeable cost reduction, improved call quality and query resolution, increased customer satisfaction and a competitive advantage that will help you boost your profitability.

  • Multi-channel approach
  • Excellent data security measures
  • Affordable pricing and plans
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Top-notch technology
  • Ability to handle large volume of calls
  • Operational efficiencies for higher savings
  • 24*7 service

Results Delivered

We believe in a result-driven approach in all our call center solutions and help our clients get the best ROI from this service.

Query Resolution in First Call 75%
ROI 85%
Higher Customer Satisfaction 95%
Success Rate 100%

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