Contact Center Outsourcing

Contact Center Outsourcing


Taking Customer Service to The Next Level, Effortlessly

Customer service is make-or-break for any business. At O-Square, we get that. That's why our contact center outsourcing service is focused on leveling up your customer interactions without the headaches of managing an in-house team. With us handling all your customer service needs, you can be confident of that fact that every query will be met with total professionalism and efficiency. We make your customer support operations smooth, so that you can focus on your core business, while we obsess over elevating customer experience.

Center Services

What We Offer?

Inbound Calls

We ensure the incoming calls from your customers are answered promptly with professionalism and care offering the quickest possible solution to their problems.

Outbound Calls

Our team actively connects with your customers to offer support, gather feedback, or share important updates.

Answering Service

We make sure every call is answered, offering your customers a reliable point of contact at all times.

Customer Experience

We're committed to enhancing customer interactions, making their engagement with your brand positive and memorable.


We conduct surveys to capture valuable insights, helping you make informed decisions that drive customer satisfaction.

Chat Support

We offer immediate assistance through chat, resolving queries efficiently to improve customer service.

Email Support

We manage your email inquiries meticulously, ensuring every customer receives a thoughtful and thorough response.

Debt Collection

We approach debt collection with sensitivity and professionalism, maintaining the respect and dignity of your customers.

Ready to level up your customer service?

Whether it’s through engaging directly with your audience or providing unparalleled support, we’re here to ensure your customers always have a positive experience.


Seamless Customer Interaction

When you partner with us, it's a guarantee that every call, email, and chat requests your customers send us will be taken care of with the expertise and warmth they deserve.
We're focused on creating smooth customer interactions that don't just meet standards, but exceed them.
This level of white-glove engagement is key to building lasting relationships and keeping customers coming back.

Proactive Customer Engagement

We just don’t offer excellent reactive customer service. We are always on our toes and engage proactively engage with your customers to understand their needs and expectations
Through thoughtful outbound calls and detailed surveys, we keep your audience engaged and equip you with deep insights. These insights are invaluable for anticipating market trends and tailoring your products or services to meet the ever-evolving customer demands.
Virtual Office Premium

Comprehensive Support Solutions

Our wide range of support options ensures that every customer query is resolved with precision and speed.
We guarantee a support solution that’s available across all channels that your customers prefer– from instant chat support to detailed email responses, we get your customers covered from every angle!
This comprehensive approach enhances customer satisfaction and also streamlines your service delivery process.

Why Choose O-Square Communications Hub

We aggressively tailor our services to match your unique business requirements, ensuring a perfect fit that enhances efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Our team is not just skilled; they’re specialists in their fields, bringing expertise and innovative solutions directly to combat your challenges.

We leverage the latest in technology to ensure your customer service is not just relevant but pioneering, setting new industry standards

Our worldwide reach is powered by deep local insights, providing a balanced approach to global service delivery with an understanding of local nuances

Our commitment to reliability means we’re more than a service provider; we are a steadfast partner, ensuring your operations run smoothly around the clock.

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