Hire a Call Agent at just AED 500 per month.

Boost Customer Satisfaction & Reduce Operational Costs.

Answer all client calls with a personalized greeting on a local UAE landline number with O Square. Our Call Agents are real people with multi-lingual abilities and exceptional communication skills. They handle all your customer queries with the utmost professionalism and end-to-end reporting.

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What is a Virtual Receptionist or a Call Agent?

Unlike an in-house receptionist who sits in your office and answers calls all day, our virtual receptionists or call agents to work from our offices but efficiently handle all your calls. They direct callers, provide information and respond to business enquiries. As a result, customers experience minimum wait time, IVR support, and exceptional service. For businesses, this translates into loyal customers and higher savings.

Key Features of our Virtual Receptionist:

Handles Every Call

Never miss a sales call again with our Virtual Receptionist services in the UAE. Get all your calls answered without having to pause your workflow or divert your focus from your business. Let our Virtual Receptionists manage the live call answering every day, round the clock!

Get all your client calls answered without having to pause your workflow with our Virtual Receptionists.

Amplifies Customer Satisfaction

With a personalized greeting and faster query resolution, our Virtual Receptionists make your business stand out against the competition and deliver high customer satisfaction and delight. Our agents are real people with multi-lingual abilities and exceptional communication skills. They handle all your customer queries with the utmost professionalism and end-to-end reporting.

Schedules Appointments & Sets Reminders

Our solutions include advanced tools and scheduling services so that you are free to focus on your business while our call agents make outbound calls and set appointments and reminders. We also offer automated reminder services for your customers or teams so that you never have to deal with missed appointments and lost time.

Boosts Productivity & Profitability

With a Virtual Receptionist, you have the opportunity to grow your business to its full capacity. You can boost productivity for your team, improve daily efficiency, enhance time management at work and reduce your operational costs with the help of our call center services. We help you increase your revenue, retain your clients and increase your customer base, too.

Minimizes Miscommunication

Our highly trained and skilled Virtual Receptionists answer all your calls and divert them to the right people. You get the exact details from your clients without any miscommunication or lack of communication. We handle the perfect message talking services or live transfers within a few seconds to ensure speed and efficiency are always at the core.

Offers an Extension of your Business

Our Virtual Receptionists make you look great! Your customers will never know that they aren’t talking to your staff in the office. Plus, we handle all kinds of calls – clients, corporate and even job seekers and marketing calls. You can choose O Square for your outbound calls and experience the difference in your business.

Saves Time & Effort

Stop wasting time answering all those marketing and cold calls from companies trying to sell you something. We will sort them out so that you can decide at your ease if you want them or not. Get an instant notification from our team and call them back at your convenience.

What are the Signs that You Need a Virtual Receptionist?

If your business is scaling rapidly and you can’t handle the growing number of calls, time to hire our call agents. Similarly, choose our solutions if you are:

  • Using a private number for customers
  • Noticing a dip in productivity from your team
  • Handling international clients
  • Managing a business on a low budget
  • Getting many enquiries every day
  • Finding it challenging to hire an excellent in-house receptionist

Benefits of Outsourcing your Receptionist Services

With a call agent, you can be assured of a better customer experience and gain that competitive edge. When a real person answers the call and spends quality time resolving your customers’ queries, it boosts your brand value. Other benefits include

  • Cost-effective solution

  • 24×7 Availability
  • Time to Focus on your Business
  • Stress-free Operations with Minimum Training Efforts
  • New Leads Convert Faster
  • Connect with Global Customers in Native Languages

Help your Business Thrive with O Square. 

Our Call Agents are ready to handle even the most challenging customers with a smile. So, book your Virtual Receptionist at only AED 500 per month and experience the difference.  

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