Virtual Receptionist: 3 Frequently Asked Questions

What is a remote receptionist?


A remote receptionist is a person who answers the phone and takes messages for an office. Their job is to assist in the communication process and make sure all of your clients are satisfied with your services.


1. Cheaper than an in-house employee 2. Can work from anywhere they want, whenever they want 3. Provides more flexibility and freedom 4. Faster onboarding 5. They can easily handle calls from clients who are calling outside of regular business hours 6. No need to train them; they are already experienced

What are the benefits of remote receptionists?

How to hire a virtual receptionist?

When you find one, call them and ask if they have any openings for an inbound call center employee. Tell them what your needs are and why you’re looking for an employee with those skills. They will likely be able to tell you about current employees who fit the bill, and then you can talk to them about when they might be available for interviews.

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